Brownie Hot Chocolate
topped with a brownie slice, sauce and cream.

Cookie Hot Chocolate
topped with half a cookie, sauce and cream. 


Biscoff & Banana loaded Croissant 7.75

Crushed Lotus Biscuit, Lotus Biscoff sauce and Banana in a croissant served with Lotus Biscoff ice cream.

Kinder & Strawberry loaded Croissant 7.75

Kinder Bueno, Nutella and Strawberries in a croissant served with Bueno ice cream. 

Kids Pancake & Shake Offer 7.00

Pancake stack decorated with white chocolate and strawberries with a kids size vanilla, strawberry or chocolate shake. 

Pancakes with Bacon & Maple Syrup 8.00

3 American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup


Brownie Pancake Stack 9.00

3 American pancakes decorated with brownie pieces, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. 

Kinder Dipping Box 6.50 or Sharing Bowl 9.50

Waffles, doughnuts, pancakes and brownie pieces with bueno and nutella


Creme Egg Sweetie Shake 4.75


Bottomless Pancakes  14.95pp🥞 

Bottomless pancakes from 10am-12pm every Saturday & Sunday. Includes unlimited pancakes and either x1 hot drink OR x1 soft drink.

Offer available Saturdays & Sundays from 10am-12pm. This offer will last for 60 minutes only.

Offer is per person ONLY.

Offer does NOT include milkshakes.

Not available in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.